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Improving education systems require a multi-faceted approach: government or educator has to have real time data of the student, school facilities, teacher etc., children have to be ready to learn, teachers need to teach successfully, schools need to have the right materials, and school management has to provide appropriate leadership and oversight. To get this right, education polices need to be aligned with the development goals and deploy technology that will help them achieve their object more seamlessly. Thus, the birth of EduRecords Limited to create the partnership that will provide educators/countries with reliable data on the functioning of the whole education system along these dimensions while highlighting the gaps between their actions and best practices.


EduRecords Limited is an EdTech company registered both in Nigeria and in the United States of America. The company’s primary focus on SDGs 1 & 4. It is managed by a team of passionate educationists and experienced ICT professionals. EduRecords Limited is an EdTech company registered both in Nigeria and in the United States of America. The company’s primary focus on SDGs 1 & 4. Our whole idea is to create a unique database of student updated on a real time basis using simple-to-use technology to collect, process and generate insightful reports to parents, government, NGOs and educators about (a) Attendance of both student and staff, (b) School facilities (availability and utilization), (c) Records keeping (d) Data science and visualized (e) Education budgeting and utilization.

The product called EduRecords, is a cloud and mobile education platform that collect raw education data collection to data science purposes. It provides real time/insightful reports including projections, learning path and suggestion on how best a child's academic performance could be improve to their parents and educators. EduRecords engage schools with free solar electricity, internet, automated attendance tracking devices that monitors both student and teacher inflow and outflow to school and classes and self-paid ICT personnel. Our mission is to transform Africa to a developed continent by 2050, reduce crime and illiterates by providing each African with good, quality and equitable education irrespective of their location, age and financial background. Launched in 2016, Edurecords has provided transformation to over 5,000 both secondary and primary schools pupils in Lagos state. Our mass adult literacy project is currently training more than 700 adults and plan to train over 1.5 million more before end of 2018. We provide living prove of education standard through real time monitoring, 24/7 engagement and the methodology of train the trainers initiative. In August 2017, we introduced a new product called TellMe. TellMe is a security solution that ensures education environment, facilities and educators are 100% safe and secured. This is being currently tested for perfection this session 2017/18.

Our product EduRecords&trademark; is a cloud and mobile education platform that collect raw data for storage, and data mining to improve standard and performance. It generate real time/insightful psychometric reports, student/teacher’s profiling, projections, and learning path. Helping in tackling the learning crisis requires improving the quality of every child’s experience in school, and suggest how best a child's academic performance can be improved. Archiving and processing the data for pre-inform decision policymakers like parents, teachers, government, NGOs and other educators. Identifying major challenges in the delivery of quality education in Nigeria, EduRecords Limited supply and deliver Free (i) Solar electricity (to power the school computer labs), (ii) Internet services (for student and teacher research), and (iii) Automated attendance tracking devices to schools. So far, we have deployed into six (6) privates schools in Lagos, and one public school in Ogun state.
Our mission is to transform Africa from developing to developed continent by reducing crime rate and number illiterates and providing each African citizenry opportunity to good, quality and affordable education services irrespective of their location, age and financial status. Covering every aspect of education late 2017, the company launched a new initiative called AdultSchool. This is to provide adults a FREE quantitative education services to all adults willing to learn and upgrade itself in Nigeria. So far, we have created two centers in Lagos and about to launch a new center in Ekiti state as at the time of writing this document. We make different in the area of our professionalism approach to training, encouragement, access to computers utilization, ability to track and monitor attendance, performance, EQ and IQ of the students.

Our belief

"Everyone has the right to good and quality education irrespective of their gender, believe, location and financial status. This can only be provided if you have good knowledge of who they are, what they want, and how they want it."


To build a solution sitting on centralized database that will revolutionize and deliver good, quality, and affordable education services to all.

Our Vision

To be the reputable education data repository in Africa and the world.

Our Values

Integrity - Professionalism - Accessibility - Reliability (I.P.A.R.)

Value proposition

EduRecords is a cloud and mobile education platform accessiable anywhere, on any device. It registers every person into a centralized database for profiling, tracking, monitoring and generating psychometric reports to Parents, Government, NGOs, and education policymakers to enhance pre-inform education policies and decisions making that will not only improve student performances but also provide equal, quality and affordable education services to all without discrimination.

Our Team

Our team is the most valuable asset we have. It comprises of professionals in education, and technology. Each member has either worked together or being friends for a minimum of three (3) years. To complete our team is our honorable adviser Dr. Christopher Kolade who has been contributing to the Nigeria education policy making since 1975.
See others below please.

Ogunlade Olatunde
Mr.Ogunlade Olatunde


Musa Itopa
Mr. Itopa Musa


Ojuile Remi
Mr. Ojuile Remi


Mr. Usidamen Clifford



Kyari Bukar
Mr. Kyari Bukar


Chika Umeadi
Mr. Chika Umeadi



EduRecords is a platform to constructively engage students with mind building tools, help teachers mastermind each student potentials for development, and keep records of all students results, attendance and activities securely and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Record Keeping

When time, cost and productivity is important, then consider cloud computing.
Cloud reduces costs, ensure security of your data, increase productivity

Real time monitoring

Keep clear watch on your wards and or school affairs from any where in the world. Get real time updates on activities via SMS and email just as they happen.

Performance Analysis

Our dashboard provides actionable information on key bottlenecks to learning in the education system. With just a click on your device, you will be amazed with the number of valuable tools available for reform-minded policy-makers.

Tests (I.Q, E.Q and Regular Practice Tests)

Knowing your ward's strengths and weaknesses on time may help prevent future risk in their life development plan.

ICT Centre

Acheive international recognition for your school as an ICT equipped institution.

Online Access

All School Records (Calendar, Curriculum, events etc), student records (biometric, academic, attendance, disciplinary, achievements etc) and school staff information (biometric, attendance, teaching duties, special assignments etc ) are accessible from anywhere, and at anytime.


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